Sudden addiction for watercolor art.

It was Mid-March. I was running low on art supplies so I decided to go to Deovir, SM North Edsa to purchase shit that I need.Then I stumbled upon this pile of Prang watercolors.I really don’t need watercolors during that time but meh, what the heck. So I grabbed a watercolor pad and one set of watercolors and put them in my bag along with the other things I grabbed earlier. I purchased all of ’em and went home.

By the time I layed them on my workplace I was like ‘What am I going to do with these shit?’ LOL. Instead of storing them I popped them out of their covers and started working with them. I looked up a photo of Katie White (The Ting Tings) and made a watercolor version out of it. The result? Mediocre.

The next day I feel like using my watercolor kit again. I don’t know why but I feel like it. Haha. I scanned my Olivia Wilde gallery on our Desktop and picked a beautiful photo of her. Two weeks of painting resulted into this:

The next day after I finished my Olivia Wilde rendition I thought to myself ‘Damn I’ve been making a lotta portraits of women. Time for some male portraits!’, so I decided to make this:

A bit eccentric, but hey it’s a portrait of a male! Haha.

So basically that’s pretty much it. Stay tuned for more of my watercolor art! 🙂


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