Favors, improvements and whatnot…

So after countless bottles of alcohol (LOL), days of chit-chatting, and seeing my illustrations, a good girl friend of mine, Ms. Lady Nelle, asked me to draw her. I agreed without hesitation. I don’t know why, maybe because she’s persuasive or I’m just intoxicated when she asked me to sketch her. LOL what the heck.

Days, weeks, months (I think it was 2-and-a-half to 3 months) went by before I finally start working on her portrait. After a few hours sketching her face I came up with this:

This boggled me. I thought to myself ‘Did I just drew this?’ Something’s happening to me.

I’m improving. LOL! :))

I even texted miss Lady saying that she really looks good on my sketch. Haha. Well, she REALLY  looks good because I improved her eyebrow, her eyes and her lips and made them look a bit seductive. For me, the shades of her hair looks good too. It’s like plastic and cosmetic surgery without the surgical operation. :>

Now for the trunk and the upper limbs. Well… it took me days to finish this part because I suddenly got bored. Haha! Yup. Sketching big images is a bitch. After countless moments of telling myself to get back to work, the upper part resulted into this:

Oops! So… Yeah. LOL. Nah really, here it is:

I really like this photo. The graphite marks are so clear that it makes miss Lady EVEN MORE good looking. :”>

Well enough of that. After 3 or 4 days I was able to finish my sketch. It’s on a 12′ x18′ sketching paper and was made with Staedtler graphites HB, 2B, 3B and 4B. This is what the finished product looks like.

Proportions are a bit fucked up. Meh. It’s still one of my nicest sketches. This one is memorable because I saw myself improve while doing this sketch. Stay tuned to see more of my sketches!

Props and cheers to Ms. Lady Nelle Campaña! 🙂


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