Of wit, beauty & men.

I was looking on my Facebook News Feed last May, just scrolling, checking posts & whatnot, when I stumbled upon a photo album. It contains just four photos but one of them caught my attention…

Here it is:


This is Lauren. A mother of one & a friend of mine (sort of). She was my former guildmate at RF-PoA, an international private server of RF Online. I’ve drawn her face a couples of times in the past. Those turned out to be rejects. I wasn’t proficient at portrait sketching/painting during that time but with a lot of practice I was able to hone my skills & now… I don’t know (LOL).

So yeah, I stumbled upon this photo of hers & quickly I asked her if I can grab this photo so I could paint it on my pad. She agreed. Here’s a few photos of the painting during its early stages:

After a week I was able to finish the painting. Here it is:

Not bad, ain’t it? 🙂


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