Disposition, Reflection & Triad

Disposition, Reflection & Triad are tracks 10, 11, & 12 of Tool’s Lateralus album. These three actually form a sequence & is 24 minutes 42 seconds long when played continuously. Man, this song really grew on me. The transition of one song to another is perfect & it soothes you like fuck! Here are my interpretations of each song:

Disposition tells the listener to just chill & ‘watch the weather change’. Plain & simple.

Reflection tells us to sacrifice one’s ego before it’s too late. But hey, I think my interpretation of this song  is a mere ‘reflection’ of who we are. 😉

Triad. Last of the trio. No lyrics but a powerful song. It is the conclusion to Disposition & Reflection. Perhaps the idea is that through undergoing the philosophies of Reflection, we are able to transcend our humanity and become God (I’m an atheist. I’m just telling you my interpretations. LOL). The last art work of the album emphasizes this thought. Alex Grey, a spiritual artist who designed the Lateralus album cover, disguised the word ‘God’ as a brain matter. This song is followed by the last track of the album, Faaip de Oiad. “Faaip de Oiad” is Enochian for ‘The Voice of God’. I think this signifies the completeness of the process.

Butt fuck it.


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