Death & Blasphemy

Who wants to live forever? Who’s afraid of death?

I don’t want to live forever, I’m not afraid to die & I’m not worried about dieing because I’m an atheist, and I know I’ll just rot in the ground. I won’t even know I’m dead. Wanna know why?

Because I’ll be fucking dead!

You’re living in a fantasy land. After you die nothing happens. Stop acting like a fuckin’ child! Religious people worry because they believe in Heaven, and if there’s a Heaven, there’s a Hell and everyone has read that book that if you’ve done enough shit you’ll go to Hell. That makes it very stressful on your deathbed, isn’t it?

I don’t wanna go to Heaven & I don’t even want the option of Heaven. I don’t wanna exist in a conscious state for the rest of eternity, constantly thinking. I don’t like thinking as it is!

“Where’s the passport?”
“What? I can’t punch women in the face?”

The Bible calls Heaven eternal bliss. I don’t get how blissful it is… It’s eternal, you’ll get used to it & then you’ll get fuckin’ bored, and what’s Hell meant to be like? Fire & Brimstone & Eternal Agony. That’s what written in the Bible. That’s God’s book. As far as I know the Devil hasn’t brought out a book. We don’t know his side of the argument. If you’ll ask me if the Devil & God are having an argument the Devil is gonna be fuckin’ mad because God is just writing shit about him & the Devil’s gonna be like

“I’m not even gonna fuckin’ comment bro if you talk about me like that!”

So let’s think about this rationally, which isn’t a good point for the Christians…Rational thought.

Fire & Brimstone & Eternal Agony, that’s what Hell’s meant to be. That’s what’s written in the Bible. Now God runs the entire fuckin’ Universe except for one place, which is Hell because it’s being run by the Devil. The Devil is his biggest enemy & they don’t get along or whatsoever.

Now if you act bad you go to Hell. You lied, you cheated, you stole & you’ve been a prick your entire life you go to Hell. Why would the Devil punish you? YOU’RE ONE OF HIS BOYS/GIRLS! He’s gonna fuckin’ welcome you! That’s where all the hookers & all the vices are gonna be and they’re not gonna make their way up to Heaven. In Heaven it’s not gonna be like

“[Insert cheesy but masculine name here] you’ve been such a good guy! You see that big-titted whore over there? Knock yourself out, son!”

What’s meant to happen when you die and go to heaven? You see a big, bright light & you walk towards the light. What’s at the end of the light? All of your dead relatives. Well, whoop-dee-fuckin’-doo. You’ll be walking there meeting them again saying

“Hello Tito _____! Hello Tita _____! Hello Lolo ______. Hello Tito _____ who used to touch me! How did you get up here? O that’s right, you used to work for the Church!”

I’d love it if I were to say this in front of so many religious people. They’ll probably boo & hiss at me after I say that “O that’s right, you used to work for the Church!” line. They probably will. They don’t like hearing facts. 🙂

That’s a fact. There are paedophiles in the Church, it’s been on the 60 Minutes show. Fuckin’ fact. I’ll bet YOU and the rest of the Christian world will say “Nooooo, no, no” because religious people will forgive God for FUCKIN’ ANYTHING!

In their mind he does good things like rainbows, children’s laughter, shit like that and when he does bad things like hurricanes, AIDS, cancer, child molestation they’ll just go

“O well. God works in mysterious ways.”

What type of an excuse is that? What is “mysterious” about acting like a fuckin’ ASSHOLE‽ That is like the least mysterious activity since the dawn of time! FUCK! Religious people are fuckin’ stupid!

Thousands of years before Jesus, there was a guy called Noah. He built a boat and he lived to be more than 900 years old but they never mention that in sermons because they might think it’s bullshit. 😉

AAAAAH FUCK IT I won’t continue this shit… well, for now.


Now I know that this is a Christian country & I respect your right to be religious but please know that you’re wrong. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Death & Blasphemy

  1. “What? I can’t punch women in the face?”

    So, you really wanna punch women in their faces ? Hmmn. You once told me that once in your whole fucking life you asked and seek for God’s help. I repeat, ONCE (only). Remember ?

    Anyway, I like this blog and it’s really confusing me about God and Devilsssss. I’m not the religious type but I do believe in God and I don’t fucking know why. Lel xD

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