Do you believe that the Catholic Church is a force of good in this world?


There is nothing, sadly, that the Catholic Church & its hierarchs like to do more than to attack the enlightened. It did so, at a time. I’m referring to Galileo, who was tortured because he was trying to explain the Heliocentric Theory of the Universe.

Just imagine in how many people were burned for reading The Bible in English. Thomas More was one of the principal burners & torturers of those who tried to read The Bible in English. He was one of the principal burners & torturers of ENGLAND, mainly in London. That’s a long time ago, it’s not relevant EXCEPT that it was only during the last century that Thomas More was made a saint & it was only in the 21st century that Pope John Paul II made Thomas More the  “heavenly patron of statesmen and politicians”.

This is a man who put people on the rack for daring to own a Bible in English. He tortured them for owning a Bible in their own language. The idea that the Catholic Church exists to disseminate the word of the Lord is bullshit. It is the only owner of the truth for the billions that likes to boast about, because those billions are uneducated & poor, as again, it likes to boast about.

It’s unfair to me ,as an atheist, to moan about this institution. The largest & most powerful church on Earth with over a billion (That they like to tell us) members, each one of them under strict instructions to believe the dogmas of the church but may wrestle with them personally, of course.

It’s hard for me to be told that I’m evil, because I think of myself as someone who’s filled with love (Big LOL to that), whose only purpose in life is to achieve love & to feel loved (Bigger LOL to that). We don’t need the stigmatization, the victimization that leads to playground bullying when people say you’re a disordered, morally evil individual.

That is not nice coming from all of you, isn’t it? 🙂


What’s with the twisted, neurotic & hysterical way of choosing its leaders? The celibacy, the nuns, the monks, the priesthood. This is not of natural & normal, it really isn’t.


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