Religion is the Solution

Many people agree with the statement

Religion solves all or most of my problems.

That is great except for one little thing:


You can’t pray away Global Warming. That’s the difference between religious people & sane people. It is.

We fear different things. I fear Climate Change, they fear a demon in a red body suit holding a pitchfork. I fear terrorists obtaining nuclear bombs, they fear not getting picked when their imaginary friend comes back for the rapture. Twenty-five percent (25%) of us believe that Jesus will return to Earth in their lifetime.

That’s Religion.

Ego masquerading as Humility.


God has a son.


He’s powerful beyond imagination, he exists in a realm above time & space but he has a kid? What is this, a bonanza? Wow. God has a son & he said to him,

“Jesus! I’m sending you down to Earth on a suicide mission! Don’t worry they can’t kill you because you’re really me but it is going to hurt for a few days I’m not going to lie about that, son. That’s about three days & at one point you’re going to hate me. I’m doing this for you… I MEAN ME! What am I saying? You’re me, you’re you.

“Now Jesus, here’s the plan: I, God the Father *wink, wink*will go down to Earth first because there’s two of us. No, not really. I’ll go down to Earth and I’ll see if I can find a virgin, Palestinian woman to impregnate so that she can give birth to you… I MEAN ME!”

It is one of the silliest stories that I’ve ever heard but I don’t mean to offend. LOLj/k I mean it.

But you know, I get it. Jesus was a cool guy. He has this hippie philosophy & the long walks on the water that turned into fishing trips with the guys. I’m down with all that. That story doesn’t sound crazy to us now because we’re used to it. It’s been around for 2,000 years.

To really understand how WHACK religion is, you have to look at the new religions. Look at their creation myths. Fucked up, ain’t it? When they tell you their creation myths the only logical response is to say “Well I guess anything’s possible”.


What’s the harm with Religion? It’s mass delusion. Anytime there’s mass delusion, bad things do follow.


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