Let’s talk about some things that could bring us together… Or could tear us apart. LOL.

Things that point out our similarities instead of our differences. That’s all you’ve been hearing about nowadays. Our differences. That’s all the media & the politicians are ever about. The things that separate us. Things that make us different from one another.

That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society. They try to divide the rest of the people. They keep the lower & the middle class fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the fucking money!

Fairly simple thing & it happens to work.

Anything different, that’s what they’re going to talk about. Race, Religion, Ethnic & National Background, Jobs, Income, Education, Social Status, Sexuality, anything you can do to keep us fighting with each other so that they could keep going to the bank.


The economic & social class in this country are:

1.) The Upper Class – Earns the most money, pays the least taxes.

2.) The Middle Class – Pays all of the taxes, does all of the work.

3.) The Poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class.


Glad to know that I could come back to the little things that we have in common. Little universal moments that we share separately. Things that make us the same. They’re so small we hardly ever talk about them!

Do you ever look at your watch & you don’t know what time it is? You look at it again & you still don’t know the time. You look at it for the 3rd time then somebody asks you “What time is it?”, you say “I don’t know!”.

Do you ever notice sometimes on a Wednesday you keep thinking it’s Thursday? It happens over and over all day long. Then the next day you’re all right again.

Do you ever find standing in one of the rooms in your house & you can’t remember why you went in there? Then two words keep floating in your mind. ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE.

Talking to yourself then somebody comes in the room & you have to make believe you were singing? Little experiences we all had!

Sitting on a railroad train, an MRT or an LRT & there’s another train sitting right next to you & one of them starts to move but you can’t tell which one it is?

Did you ever try to pick up a suitcase or bag that you thought was full but it wasn’t? Your arm will shoot up to the sky & for just a split second you feel really strong.

How about when you’re looking through a chain link fence? Do you ever notice if you’re just at the right distance from a chain link fence it zooms in & out? What the fuck is that?

Do you ever try to tell somebody they have a little dirt on their face? You can never get them to rub the right spot! You’ll say “You gotta little bit of dirt right here.” and they always go “Where? Here?” and you just want to slap that cretin!

Do you ever notice how awful your face looks in a mirror in a restroom that has fluorescent lights? Every cut, scrape, scratch, scar, scab, bruise, boil, bump, pimple, zit, wart, & whatnot all seem to come back at the same and all you can think of is “I got to get the fuck out of here!”.

Do you ever notice sometimes when you’re walking with arm around your date, one of you has to change the way you’re walking? Men & women don’t walk the same. One of them has to change. Either the man has to squat while walking or the woman to walk like a punk.

How about when you’re going up the stairs & you think there’s one more step. Your legs will spread forward like shit & when you did that in public you have to keep doing that so people will think it’s something you do all the time. “I do this all the time. It’s the third stage of Syphilis!”. LOL.

Same thing happens when you’re going down the stairs. You could swear there was one more step.

Ice Cream Throat. When you’ve been eating ice cream too fast & you get that frozen spot on the back of your throat but you can’t do anything about it because you can’t reach it to rub it. You have to wait for it to go away & it does. Then what do you do? EAT MORE ICE CREAM! What are you, fucking stupid?

Do you ever fall asleep in the afternoon & wake up after dark & you don’t know what fucking day it is?

Do you ever have to sneeze the fuck out while you’re taking a piss? It’s frightening isn’t it? It’s frightening  because you can’t do it! It’s physically impossible to sneeze while pissing! Your brain won’t let it happen. Your brain says “STOP PISSING! WE’RE GOING TO SNEEZE NOW!” because your brain knows that YOU MIGHT BLOW YOUR ASSHOLE OUT!



Ain’t that a bitch?


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