Origins & Antics of Religion

There is now way you can take a step from the Laws of Physics, the observable creation of the Cosmos, that leads you to the belief that there is an intervening, personal God that does answer prayers, who does watch over you, who does notice what you’re up to & who does mind what you do, who you sleep with and in what position, what you eat and on what days of the week, what propitiations & what sacrifices you will make, what commandments you’ll observe.

There is no possible way, & no one has even tried it, of getting from the Laws of Physics or any such ideas.

I don’t think all of this is an accident. There must be some cosmic force. I say I can’t disprove it & I don’t think the cosmos functions without it but you have all your work still ahead of you before you can say that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person, let alone that he was Son of God, let alone that his mother was a virgin (Fucking crazy), let alone that he was resurrected. Nothing will prove that he was the Son of God.

If they did happen, no one will prove that his doctrines are not erroneous. A resurrected person who was the son of a virgin could still be talking nonsense. There’s no logic that says he must be right.


Why do we have Religion in the first place?

Why do I have this discussion? LOL. Why do I have to talk in this way?

Because we are pattern-seeking mammals. It’s part of our evolution. We look for patterns. We’re designed to look for them & if we can’t find a good explanation we’ll come up with a bad one rather than none at all. Most people would rather have a conspiracy theory rather than no theory.

It’s very observable. There was a lot of junk Science around before good Science arrived. Before Astronomy there was Astrology. Before Chemistry we have Alchemy.

All of these things are derivatives of Religion because in a very sinister verse in The Bible that used to upset me when I forced to listen to it as a child, it says “Seek & you shall find”. Seek & you will find.

Seek for an explanation for volcanic eruptions when you’re living in a primitive society & you will probably think that it is a visitation from an angry deity. If you’re told that you can postpone the next eruption by throwing babies into the lava down the crater that’s what you’ll do.

Religion has just begun.

Why do some people get the plague and other don’t? Because they’re sinful. Where’s the plague coming from in the first place? It’s a punishment form God and, in Early Christian society, the Jews have poisoned the wells. So we’re going to get them again because we already hate them because they killed “our redeemer”. They committed deicide, all of them did. No one’s exempted.

If you’re a Christian you know that it’s an article of their faith that we were all present there, that we all drove in the nails (The Jews, particularly) and we all have to carry this guilt for a crime that may or may not be committed but if it was, was committed before we are born.

What is this?

It’s not Physics, it’s not Biology, it’s not Science, it’s Faith. Why don’t you fly under your true flag? Why don’t you say that these things must be believed as an article of faith & don’t try & derive it from Science.



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