Question what you read!

When kids want to read, they’re going to read and, of course before that, they have to learn to read. What’s more important is


Children should be taught to question everything they read and everything they hear. Children should be taught to question authority. Parents never teach children to question authority because parents are authority figures themselves and they don’t want to undermine their own bullshit inside their household.

So they stroke the kids and the kids stroke them and they all stroke each other and they all grow fucked up.

Kids have to be warned that there is bullshit coming down the road. Tell them what life in this country is all about. It’s about a whole fucking lot of bullshit that needs to be detected and avoided. That’s the best thing you can do. No one told me about anything of this. I was never warned about any of this. I have to find all of it out myself and there are still, as with you probably, a lot of things that you’re expected to believe and accept in The Philippines that I, personally, have a problem with. I question a lot of these things.

For example, what the fuck does “Proud to be Pinoy!” mean?

I’ve never understood national pride and ethnic pride because my roots are all fucked up. LOL. Pride should be something you achieve or obtain on your own, not something that happens by accident at birth. I wouldn’t say I am proud to be 5’10” or I’m proud to be disease ridden.

If you’re happy with it, that’s fine. Do that. Spread the word that you’re happy to be Filipino. Be happy. Don’t be proud. It’s going to be your downfall.

“God bless us all”. What the fuck does that mean? Is that a request? Is that a demand? Is that a suggestion? Politicians say that at the end of every speech as if it’s some sort of verbal that they can’t get rid of. “God bless you and God bless us all”, “God bless our country”. I guess they’ve figured that if they leave that out someones going to think they’re bad politicians.

God does not give a fuck with flying colors. Okay? He doesn’t care. He never has, he never will, he doesn’t care about this country anymore than he cares about USA, Syria, Afghanistan, India, Egypt, Libya, Great Britain or Saudi Arabia.

There are more than 200 countries in the world now. Do these people honestly think that God is sitting around picking out his favorites? Why would he do that? Why would God have a favorite country? Why would it be our country? Because we have Manny Pacquiao? Because he likes our national anthem? Or is it because one of our noontime shows now has an Indonesian version? Delusional thinking, that’s what it is.

Somebody’s wasting their fucking time. Could it be… Everyone?


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