How Alcohol and Drugs work

It all comes down to this:

They’re wonderful when you try them first. They’re not around for all these millennia for no reason.

First few times is mostly pleasure and very little pain. Maybe a hangover. As you increase and keep using whatever it is the pleasure part decreases and the pain part, the price you pay, increases until the balance is completely the other way and it’s almost all pain and there’s hardly any pleasure.

At that point you would hope the intellect says “O this doesn’t work anymore! I’m going to die and I have to do something” but you need people around you who can help you and you need something to live for and you have something to look forward to. Why? To bring you out of it. A lot of people don’t have a lot to live for and they’re sort of stuck inside (Like one of my cousins. LOL).

But fuck it. Where do you think my creativity comes from?

Like it or not, Marijuana changes values. A stick of joint opens another window or door of perception for me. I see things differently. It shows me different kinds of vistas and it broadens them. But the thing is you have to control your usage. I always have a joint somewhere near me. When I want to write something (Except for that time when I was writing my 15 Days of No Smoking article) I puff a joint. A few hits, just a few hits (may three or four) and it’s punch-up time! Time to get some things going!

With that judicious use there’s some value in it but most of the things that other people use don’t want to leave them alone. They don’t. Pot does and thank goodness for that.


3 thoughts on “How Alcohol and Drugs work

  1. So that’s the reason why your writing sucks! Pot is good (at least for me) but when you use it to “broaden your horizons” then your no more intelligent than sober.

    And please, grammar check.

    • My writing does not suck. You and I just see things differently. Why do you use pot? To get high? To lessen pain? Let me hear it from you. I smoke pot to see things in a different way. I didn’t say that I’m intelligent. I said that I’m creative. There’s a difference. 🙂

  2. I think smoking can show you a different world, different aspects of something and so forth, but I also think that every human being is able to see another world/reach a different level of consciousness without drugs/alcohol (and without long-term side effects).

    how old are you ?

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