Are we really superior beings?

Humans do so many interesting things.

Besides killing ourselves, we also like killing each other. Murder. Humans are the only species on Earth that deliberately kills members of same species for personal gain or pleasure. We’re also the only species on Earth that deliberately kills members of another species for personal gain or pleasure. That’s what hunters do.

That’s us. Human beings. Interesting folks. Murderers.

Here’s an interesting form of murder that we came up with: Assassination. You know what’s interesting about assassination? Not only does it change the popularity polls in a flash, it’s also interesting to know who it is that we assassinate. Do you ever notice and stop to think who it is that gets assassinated? It’s always people who tell to live together in harmony and try to love one another and people who tell what is right. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Benigno Aquino, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Leandro Alejandro, Cesar Climaco, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, John Lennon. Most of them said “Try to live together peacefully”.

BOOM! Dead. Assassinated. Apparently we’re not yet ready to live together peacefully. We’d rather sit around and try to think of ways to kill each other.

Genocide. Here’s another one that we came up with, and it’s efficient too. Killing large numbers of people simply because they don’t look like you, they don’t talk like you and they don’t have the same kind of hats that you do. Do you ever notice that? Everytime you see two groups of people who really hate each other, the chances are they’re wearing different kind of hats. Anytime there’s genocide there’s always mass graves. Everytime we kill some dictator we always find mass graves. Thousands and thousands of dead bodies of people who were killed by the dictator. At least the dictator had a little decency to throw a little dirt on them. Give the guy some credit. Dictator’s a busy man! Got a lot on his mind, like trying to figure out who’s planning to kill him so he can pick him up, put him in prison and torture them.

Another one of interesting, heart-warming behaviors we come up with: Torturing each other. Wanna read a really cool kind of  torture that the Romans have invented? They also use this as a form of Capital Punishment. It’s really creative. They would take the guy in question, stuff him in the sack, seal the sack up real tight and throw him in the river. Here’s the creative part: Inside the sack, with the guy, they would put a dog, a monkey, and a snake. A dog, monkey, and a snake. That’s creative. Imagine being inside a sack, underwater, and in the dark, sitting right next to a drowning monkey. You think the monkey would be moving around a little bit? The dog would be going apeshit we all know that and the snake would probably be curious about the ruckus inside the sack. It might to anything. Whatever it did would probably involve venom and its teeth. You know what you should be doing? You’d be praying to the Gods and hope that the snake bit the monkey and the dog ate the snake. Then it would be just you and the dog, man’s bestfriend, drowning together. Maybe before the both of you die you could teach it a few tricks.

Murder, Assassination, Genocide, Torture. These are all what human beings do. Not animals, the creatures we feel superior to. This is us.

Here’s another one of our spiritually uplifting activities. Human Sacrifice. We don’t do this anymore but it used to be really big. The Aztecs loved human sacrifice and they’re good at it. They once sacrificed 80,000 people in one ceremony. The occasion? They’re opening a new temple. Nothing like Religion for a little entertainment. They would do that in public, on beautiful square in a big town with twenty to thirty thousand onlookers. They would take a guy, lay him on the altar, cut his chest open, pull his heart out and hold it out in the air while it was still beating. You know what you call that? Theater.

The Aztecs. Human beings just like us. Not too long ago. 500 Years. By the way those hearts did not go to waste. Right after the ceremony the royal family would enjoy another one of our amusing activities. Cannibalism. Imagine that. Chowing down on another human being. Still happens to this day. How do they decide who to eat first? How do you decide who’s first on the barbecue rack? You pick on the little guy because he’s skinny and can’t fight back or you all gang up on the bodybuilder because he has a lot of steaks and chops on him? These are things human beings have to consider.

One more of these charming diversions of ours is Necrophilia. Fucking a corpse. It takes a special kind of guy to do that, don’t you think? It happens more than you might think. It happens among humans. Animals don’t do that. Animals don’t fuck their dead buddies. A rat will do a lot of gross things but it will not fuck a dead rat. It wouldn’t even occur to him! Only a human being would think to fuck someone who just died.

We got to be the most interesting creatures in the planet and then we wonder why a UFO doesn’t just land and say hello. Human beings will do anything. I am convinced! That’s why when all those beheadings that occurred didn’t bother me. I took it right in stride. A lot of people went full squeamish when they heard about the news. Also, the cannibalism case in Florida. It bothered me but only a tiny bit then I moved on. Just another form of extreme human behavior.

In case you’re wondering why I have a certain interest, or fascination as you would call it, with torture, beheading and all these things I’ve mentioned, each of these items reminds me over and over again what we really are.

Humans are nothing more than savage beasts. Savages. No different from the Cro-Magnon people 43,000 years before present on the Pleistocene forests eating grubs that are on rotten logs. No different. Our DNA hasn’t changed substantially for a hundred thousand years. We’re still operating on the lower brain. The reptilian brain. Fight or flight. Kill or be killed.

We like to think we have evolved and are advanced because we can build a computer, fly an airplane, travel underwater, we can write a sonnet and compose an opera but in reality we’re barely out of the jungle. We are just semi-civilized beasts with automatic cars and weapons.


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