Elementary Politics II: Every child is special.

The Self-Esteem Movement.

The Self-Esteem Movement began 40 years ago and I’m happy to say that it has been a complete failure. Why?

Studies have repeatedly shown that having high self-esteem does not improve grades, does not improve career achievement, it does not even lower the use of alcohol and it certainly does not reduce the incidence of violence of any sort. As it turns out, extremely aggressive, violent people think very highly of themselves!

Imagine that. Sociopaths have high self-esteem. Who would have thought, huh?

I love it when this kind of thing happens. I love it when politically incorrect ideas crash and burn and wind up in the shithouse.

The practice of playing Mozart or any classical music during pregnancy so the fetus can hear it. Now here’s another one that bit the dust. It was supposed to increase intelligence. Didn’t work! All it did was sell a lot of CDs and piss off a whole lot of fetuses.

The Self-Esteem Movement revolved around a single notion, the single idea that every child is special. They’ve said it over and over and over. They kept saying every child is special while I kept saying

Fuuuuuck You!

Every child is clearly not special. Do you ever take a close look at one of these fucking kids? They’re goofy! They’re too small and they’re disproportional! Their heads don’t fit, their arms are too weird and they can’t walk across the room in a straight line. When they talk, they talk like their mouths are full of shit!

You might think that everyone of them is special. Not for me, I have standards.

Let’s say it’s true that every child is special. What about every adult? Isn’t every adult special too? If not, what age do you go from special to being not so special? If every adult is special then that means we’re all special.

Here’s another platitude that they’ve jammed down your throat: The children are our future. Children are not our future. Children can’t be our future because by the time the future arrives there won’t be any children anymore SO BLOW ME!

“Politics is the reflex of the business and industrial world.” -Emma Goldman


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