My motives here are not selfish or personal. I’m not saying all this stuff to get in good with women, although an occasional blowjob would be nice. But it’s not a requirement. It’s optional. BJO. Blowjob optional. 


Here’s all you need to know about men & women.

Women are crazy. Men are stupid. The main reason why women are crazy is that men are stupid. It’s not the only reason but it’s a big one.

If you don’t think men are stupid check the newspapers. Ninety-nine percent of all the truly horrifying crap going on in this world was initiated, established, perpetrated and enabled or continued by men. That includes doing “the wave” and the high-five, two of history’s truly low points.

Besides knowing that men are stupid, it’s also important to know that women are crazy. If you don’t think women are crazy I order you to ask a man. That’s the one thing men aren’t stupid about. They know for sure, way down deep in their hearts, that women are straight-out, fucking nuts.

It doesn’t just happen and it isn’t an accident. Women have good reason to be nuts. The main one being  that in the course of life, compared with men, they have far more to put up with. They bear greater responsibilities. Think of it this way: In the big cosmic cafeteria, as human beings move down the chow line of life and reach that section where shit are being spooned out, women are given several portions.

I just think it should be evident to any person who’s being honest and thinking clearly that women carry a lot more of life’s baggage than men.

To begin with, they’re smaller and weaker so they get slapped, punched, raped, abused, and beaten on a regular basis by men, of course, who are stronger. If women were stronger this would not be happening. Men would not raise a hand if they thought the balance is more equal. They’d back down quickly. Then again, if women were stronger they’d be beating the shit out of men just for the fun of it. It’s only fair.

A wedding is one of those good deals that women get. The man takes a wife, the woman is given away and everyone stands around hoping she gets pregnant immediately.

Pregnancy. Another treat for the gals. The women gain forty or so pounds, puke in the morning, walk like a duck, get sore tits and develop a nice set of hemorrhoids. What a deal! Sometimes they can’t get off the couch without someone’s assistance. Well it’s her own fault. This wouldn’t have happened if she has taken her birth control pills or used her diaphragm.

But think of how fulfilling it can be! She now has a baby! A baby she gets to practically raise alone and if she decides to be a stay-at-home mom she gets to cook, clean, sew, scrub, scour, wax, wash, dry, iron, do the shopping, drive the van and entertain the guests. She’s a house wife! An unpaid, domestic servant.

Admittedly, that description is a bit more in line with the old model. The new model is so much better. She gets a fucking job so she can be bringing something in but somehow she still ends up as an unpaid, domestic servant after she gets home from the job. You know that job, where she gets paid less than men for the same work, where she does not rise beyond a certain level in the company, where she gets harassed all day long by some oversexed moron with a lump in his pants.

Probably better if she just stays home, where she won’t get bothered by that pesky paycheck crap and there’s none of that nonsense about social security and pension plans. The only problem she’s going to delve upon is that if her ex-partner has not yet given her and their child’s monthly allowance. That is if she can still locate her ex-partner. She’d probably think sometimes that the reason why she was deserted by her ex-partner is because she’s a little bit used up, dumped her for someone who’s milk glands hadn’t sagged yet.

Can’t forget those milk glands, can we? Tits! Two tits sticking straight out of your chests! Yes women, just by the virtue of you being female you get to walk around all your life with two milk glands hanging in front of you like lanterns and if somehow you should get the idea that men don’t approve of the size and shape of those milk glands you’ll find plenty of social pressure to have those milk glands artificially enhanced. Such enhancement will be performed and supervised by men.

Here’s another physical treat for you women: Periods! Cramping, bloating and bleeding for almost a week every month. More or less fifteen percent of their monthly time! What more if you add the time that they’ve spent on PMS? Man gave it that name. If women named it, it would be called “My several days of shrieking and crying and depression just before my several days of bleeding, cramping and bloating”. Men don’t quite see it from that angle. Men experience PMS as a problem for them.

Some more special female advantages, in case you haven’t had enough: Pap Smears, Mammograms, Hysterectomy, Mastectomy, Miscarriages, Abortions, Labor Pains, Child Birth Pain, Episiotomy, Stretch Marks, Breast Feeding and Postpartum Depression. Can’t imagine why she wouldn’t feel good. Just to top it all off: Menopause!

These aren’t “good deals”, “treats” or “advantages”, by the way.

What are the exchanges for all of these? What is the woman’s pay-off? Why she gets to board the lifeboat first, at least theoretically. How often do you think that really happens? Let’s not forget that many men are willing to open the door for her. In fact some men are impressed in their willingness to do this.

I’ll tell you what a bad deal women got: They are in the majority part of this planet but they still wind up at the shitty end of the stick. One amazing thing about women is that, in spite of all the shit that they have to put up with, they live longer than men. So who do you think is tougher: Men or women? Take a guess! Remember,

Women have the otherworldly huge added burden of having to put up with men.


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