There are five deadly male subcultures and they all overlap. 1.) The car and machinery culture, 2.) the police and military culture, 3.) the outdoors and gun culture, 4.) the sports and competition culture and 5.) the drug and alcohol culture.

Many men belong to all five. This male universe is, of course, detectable by analyzing its combustible chemical formula. Gasoline, gunpowder, alcohol and Adrenaline. Chemistry’s even more rendered lethal with the ever-present, ever-delightful accelerant, which is Testosterone. I’m talking about substance abuse. If it is chemical dependency that you’re interested in, you might want to look in Testosterone.

Testosterone. The most lethal substance on Earth and it doesn’t come from a laboratory. It comes from testicles, which is interestingly not far from the ass hole. How fitting! As it happens, all these male subcultures share a particular set of feature: Homophobia, coupled with an ironic complete child-like trust in male authority. Men are attracted to powerful men. They also share a strong fear and dislike of women and this, in spite of the pathological obsession for the pussy.

Why are men like this? I think the overriding problem for men is in life’s main event, reproduction, they’re left out. Women do all work. What do men contribute? Generally they’re just looking for a quick parking space for some sperm. A couple of hits of hot jism and the volume of the television goes right back up. It’s my belief that most of these flawed male chromosomes should not be allowed to go forward for even one more unfortunate generation. But such is Biology.

So, excluded as they are from reproduction, men must find other ways to feel useful and worthwhile. As a result, they measure themselves by the size of their guns, the size of their cars, the size of their dicks and the size of their wallets. All contests that no man can win consistently.

Let me tell you why all these happened. Women are source of all human life, that’s why. The first human being came from the belly of a female and all human fetuses begin as female. The brain itself is basically female until hormones act on it to make it structurally male.

So in reality, all men are modified females. Where do you think those nipples came from, guys? You’re an afterthought. Maybe that’s what’s bothering you. Is that what is on your mind, buddy? That would explain the hostility. Females create life, men destroy it. War, crime and violence are primarily men franchises.

Men. It’s nature’s supreme joke. Deep in the womb, men start out as the good thing and wind up as the shitty thing. Not all men. Just enough.

Just enough to fuck things up.


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