The disease that all men have

This is the male disease. It’s called

Being Full of Shit

The male disease includes the need to be in charge at all times. In charge, in control and in command. A real man sees himself as king of the hill, leader of the pack and captain of the ship. All the while, in order to fit in and belong, he has to act like all the other men and do what they do so that they’ll be accepted, get a good job and a promotion and a wife. A wife who will be immediately get traded for a Porsche.

The poor fucks. The poor, stupid fucks.

His manliness also requires that he refuse to go to a doctor or a hospital unless it can be demonstrated to him that he has in fact been clinically dead for six months. Therefore, he must learn to ignore pain.

Most men learn this stupid shit from their fathers. Fathers teach the sons not to cry. Great stuff, huh? All the problems in the world can be traced to a father’s due to their sons. Little boys learn to hide their feelings. Society likes that so that when they get to be eighteen years of age they’ll go overseas and kill strangers without feeling anything. That part includes a certain willingness to have the balls shot off.

The poor fucks. The poor, stupid fucks.

So as a result of all these hiding of feelings, the average man’s emotional expression is the High-Five or, sometimes when deep feelings emerge, the High-Ten. This is raw emotion. That’s about they’re capable of and we have our dads to thank.

Thanks dad!

But wait! Don’t think dads can’t be fun at times too. After all, dads introduced their sons to the wonderful world of men. The really masculine, he-man stuff. No wimps, no pussies, no softies. You know what it is?

The male subcultures!

(Click on the link. Duh!)

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