I’m okay and fine with individuals. Individuals are just great. Every individual set of eyes you look into gives you something, whether it is a blank wall or an infinite regress of barber shop mirrors.


People are wonderful one at a time and for a certain period of time. Each of them has an entire hologram of the Universe somewhere within them. But as soon as individuals begin to flock they change and the larger the group, the more toxic. You have to surrender the beauty of your individuality for the sake of group thought. When you suspend your individual beauty you also give up a lot of your humanity. You will do things in the name of the group that you never do on your own. Injury, hurting, killing and drinking are all part of it because you have lost your identity and you now owe your allegiance to a group shit that’s bigger than you are and that controls you.

Nowadays I rarely identify with my species, the Homo Sapiens (Humans, you idiot). I haven’t for some time now. I identify more with carbon atoms. I don’t feel comfortable and safe in this planet. From the standpoint of my work and piece of mind, the thing that gives me most comfort is to identify with the atoms in the stars and simply contemplate the folly of my fellow species members.

My job is to watch the ludicrous dance here on Earth for the humor and entertainment it provides and drop in every now and then to show my former species how fucked up they are.

I believe that I am bigger than the Universe, smaller than the Universe and equal with the Universe.

I’m bigger than the Universe because I can picture it in my mind and everything that’s in it and contain all that in my mind in a single thought, a thought that’s not even the only one in there. It’s right between “Shit, my ass is itchy” and “Why don’t I fuck that sexy waitress?”. That thought, with all the others, is inside the 55.9cm circumference of my cranium so I’m bigger than the Universe.

I’m smaller than it because that’s obvious. I’m 5’10” and 150 pounds and the Universe is so much taller and heavier. No duh! LOL.

I’m equal to it because every atom in me is the same the Universe is made of. I’m part of that protogalaxy 5,000,000,000 light years away and of that cigarette that you’re hitting right now.

There are no differences. We’re equal. Unlike our fake democracy, the democracy of atoms is real. Depending on my given mood on a given day I can reflect on one of these relationships for a moment or two and find comfort in it and know that I’m really one with the Universe.

Spooky shit, ain’t it?


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