Alzheimer’s on the telephone

Did you ever dialed someone on the telephone, not a cellular phone, and forgot who it is that you are calling? You have to gamble whether you stay on the line or you put the phone down. If you stay on the line you hope that you recognize the voice. All you need is a little help from the other line, like “Frodo’s house!”, but instead they just say

“Hello!” and you say

“Uh. Who else are you?”

And you get embarrassed and you hang up. Then you remember who you are calling! You have to call back, and you have to change your voice so they won’t think you’re a complete moron. You say, in a different voice,

“Hello is Frodo there?” then the one on the other line says

“Aren’t you the complete moron who just called here?” and they hang up on you.

This must be complete moron week.


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