Everyone’s favorite toy! :)

Here’s one of those questions that are always being asked by some theists to us atheists:

Why take something away that gives meaning to 95 percent of the people and replace it with something that gives meaning to just 5 percent?

A bit stupid of a question if you’ll ask me. First off, Religion can’t be taken away from those people. It’s their favorite toy (Yes, I am demeaning Religion by saying it’s a plaything) and it will remain that way, as said by Sigmund Freud in his book The Future of an Illusionas long as they’re afraid of death. People have this toy and they play with them at home, and they hug it to themselves and they share this toy to the people who come by and play with them. But I’ll never play with that toy and don’t bring that toy to my house and don’t say my children must play with these toys. Don’t say my toy (A condom reference) is not allowed by their toys. I’m not going to have any of that.

Please keep your toy to yourself, and click the hyper linked words will you? 🙂


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