Homeless People

First off, they aren’t “homeless” people. They are houseless people. It’s a house that these people need! A home is an abstract idea. A home is a state of mind. These people need houses that are physical, tangible and structural.

But where are you going to build these houses? Nobody wants you to build low-cost houses near their own house. People do not want it near them. It’s called NIMBY. Not in my backyard! People don’t want any kind of social help located anywhere near them. Try to open a half-way house, try to open up a rehab center for those alcoholics, try to build a retirement center for those geriatric people, try to build a prison. Nearby people will say “Not in my backyard!”. People don’t want anything like that near them, especially if it might help somebody else. It’s a part of the Filipino’s spirit of generosity that we’re yapping about. Pfft! My ass!

I know just the right place for low-cost housing. Near the sea! Not so near the sea but not that far also and not on a spot with huge waves crashing on it. Just what they need! Plenty of good land, nice neighborhoods, and land that is currently being wasted on meaningless, mindless activities engaged in, primarily, by these male well-to-do businessmen who make deals to carve this country up a little finer among themselves.

Reclaim these courses from the wealthy and turn over the houseless. What they’re doing is an arrogant, elitist, game that takes up entirely too much fucking room in this country.

Here’s another place where we could put some low-cost housing: Cemeteries! Saving all the dead people in one part of town? What kind of superstitious and religious bullshit is that? Plow these motherfuckers up! We need that Phosphorus for farming! If we’re going to recycle, let’s get fucking serious!


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