Giving regards

Here’s a situation you run into all the time. Do you notice that when you’re leaving someone, a lot of times, they’ll give you a message for someone else? Like when you leave a lady they’ll say

“Give my love to Klaus! Tell Klaus that Rebecca sends her love!”

Do you mind that? Do you mind being used that way? Do you mind the awesome responsibility of carrying Rebecca’s love to Klaus? Suppose you do not see Klaus, what are you going to do with Rebecca’s love? Carry it around? Give it to someone else, maybe.

“Wilhelm I can’t find Klaus so here is some of Rebecca’s love!”

Suppose Wilhelm doesn’t know Rebecca, can he legally accept her love especially when it was intended for Klaus? Suppose you give Wilhelm Rebecca’s love for Klaus and then you see Klaus, what are you going to give him? All you had was Rebecca’s love and you’ve gone and given that Wilhelm! Can you logically ask Wilhelm to give back Rebecca’s love to Klaus? May Wilhelm has gotten used to it by now!

Can Klaus sue Wilhelm? Can Wilhelm be arrested? Can you be arrested for transporting love across a border? Alright just for the sake of argument let’s leave Wilhelm out of this altogether.

Suppose Rebecca gives you her love to give to Klaus and you do see Klaus, what form should the love take? Can you risk giving Klaus a tongue kiss? It brings up another problem that maybe Klaus is gay. Klaus doesn’t want Rebecca’s love. Klaus wants Wilhelm’s love! If Klaus tells you to give his love to Wilhelm say “Bullshit Klaus! You give your own love to Wilhelm! I’m going to find Rebecca!”.

One little and final portion of this is sometimes people want you to take a hug and a kiss to someone for them. Now they have got you carrying a cargo.

“Give him a big hug and a kiss for me!”

Usually it’s from women. I find that women are a little more expressive at times like this, and sometimes they’re really explicit.

“Bye-bye Helena! Drive carefully and give Jake a big blowjob for me!”

Well why don’t you get Klaus tot take of that for you?!


Don’t mind me I’m just overthinking here.





2 thoughts on “Giving regards

  1. thank you for re blogging the” write drunk post,”

    i am not surprised you did, you bad bad and fresh….( i could put soap in your mouth and clean it)

    i enjoy reading your staff.. reach for the stars, you good..

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