Unfathomable Stupidity III

Stupid. Nope, hyper stupid! I wish all my thoughts would only be like

But here’s how my brain works:

It is stupidity followed by self-hatred and then further analysis. It’s not a very efficient system of thoughts. I go “Duuuuuh…”, followed by “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” and then I figure it out.

But the impulse is always stupid.

I saw a guy here in our subdivision days ago walking his dog. This is what I saw: The has got a coffee and a dog on a leash and a phone. He’s on the phone. So he’s got his phone and it’s on his ear and the dog’s leash is going from the phone hand to the dog. I look at this and I thought to myself

“O he’s got a dogphone!”

And that thought sincerely inhabited me for like a full minute! I was like

“O what are the benefits of that?”, then the other part of me exclaimed

“Why the fuck would that exist?! You asshole!”.


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