Hatred II: The shitty kid at the grocery store.

I like some kids. You can’t like all kids because some… No, most of the kids are shitty. It’s true. Some people do not want to ever admit that. They just go and say “Every child is like a star in the shining sea!”.

No. Most kids suck, man! Most kids are just flat-out shitty! It’s true and you see them all the time. Like when you fall in line in a grocery store and you see a kid and you formulate this thought:

“Fuck that kid, man. That kid looks and acts like a fucking jerk. I hate that kid! Shitty little kid!”

A while ago I saw a kid like that when I was actually falling in line inside a grocery store a while ago. I looked at this kid who is a with her mother that’s two people ahead of me in the line. He’s staring at me and I thought,

“I fucking hate this kid.”

I’m waiting in line! What am I going to do except to fall in line and wait? That’s what you do when you’re waiting in line, isn’t it? You pick someone to hate while you are waiting.

So I picked this kid because he was shitty and he’s staring at me and he keeps saying “Nyeeeh! Nyeeeh!” so I assume that he’s a real shitty kid. I’m looking at him and he’s looking at me. The worst thing is that this is a true story. He’s like six years old or something and he’s looking at me, and nobody else was looking so I gave him this:

I just flipped him off. Just real quick! A little thing between me and him and he could not believe it! He was like

He was blown away because nobody does that. Nobody gives the finger to the kid for no reason. I think I helped him out a little there, you know. Yeah. That happens. Deal with it.

Fuck you, buddy! 🙂


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