I don’t know… I started to kinda like to hate people. It’s not that I have anything against them. It’s just that I enjoy it like it’s some kind of recreation.

Like when you’re at a bank and you have got nothing to do while you’re waiting in line so you just pick people to hate while you are waiting. You just look at someone and form an opinion or assume something that’s not positive. Who fucking wastes his or her time thinking “I bet he’s a hard worker”? Who thinks about that shit? Skip over that thought!

Then you see his shoes. “O look at his shoes! What a fucking asshole! Look at that piece of shit. I hope he dies today.”, then you watch all the other shit and say “Yeah. Fill it out you fuckface. Yeah! You filled it out! I knew it! You suck!”. They’re just standing and sitting there and they’ve got no idea that you’re boiling with hate right now.

But I feel that people do hate me sometimes. Like this one time when I was at the post office and there’s a long line with just one window open so everyone’s like “Argh!”. Everyone’s just mad. When you’re in the line you are in the hate group. You get to look at each other and all of you are groaning and moaning. It’s like a silent movie of impatient people.

Then it’s your turn at the window and everyone is looking at you and you feel the scrutiny of how fast you are mailing your shit. You start feeling how unimportant your package is and you feel like they can tell and you begin to think that they’re saying “Yeah fuck it out. You don’t need to mail that right now!” and you begin to have an awkward feeling.

If you do one extra thing like “Do you have a stamp that looks like blah, blah, blah, blah?”, the people behind you go “Ah shit”, “Jesus”, “Fucking slow” and all that shit. They put their shit down heavily and go “Fuck no! That motherfucker’s going to make me stand here all day while he buys posting stamps at the post office?! Are you shitting me?!”.


One thought on “Hatred

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