Hatred III: That friend who starts a shitty conversation

Do you have a friend who starts a conversation that you don’t wanna have?

“Hey, what would you do if you have a time machine?”

You know what I said to him?

“O fuck you. You know what? I don’t wanna use it. I will just let it sit in my house, maybe place a food or a drink on it or something, or use it to go back 30 minutes ago and punch you in the face before you start asking me that. That’s all.”

So he goes “Here’s what I’m going to do…”,and I said,

“Of course that’s point of asking me! To stare at me while I say mine and then say yours!”

He said that if he had a time machine, he’d kill Hitler. I love the thought that he could kill Hitler just because he’s back there and walk up and kill the die. I was thinking that it’s a noble purpose for a time machine. I would do it, but I would not kill him. I would have raped him. That’s what I thought because I think that would have been enough. It’ll stop him from doing all the shit he does. If he had been raped by me he would never have pulled any of the stuffs he did, man. Instead of invading Poland, he’ll just say,

“Nah. I’ll just take a shower. I don’t feel good.”


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