The stupid shit about angels.

Here’s another question that I’ve been pondering.

What is all these shit about angels?

Have you heard that 3 out of 4 people believe that angels EXIST? What are you, fucking stupid? Has everybody lost their minds or some shit? Angel shit. Yes, I draw angels but it doesn’t mean I believe in them! You know what I think it is? I think it is a massive, collective, psychotic, chemical flashback of all the drugs smoked, snorted, shot, and absorbed rectally by everyone from 1960-2000. 40 Years of adulterated street drugs of “Get yourself some fucking angels, my friend!”.

Angel shit.

What about goblins? You never hear any of them except on Halloween and it’s always negative shit. Zombies. Where the fuck are all the zombies?! That’s the trouble with zombies. They’re unreliable.

I say if you’re going to buy the angel shit, you might as well go for the zombie package as well.


4 thoughts on “The stupid shit about angels.

  1. I somewhat agree but like, the concept of people believing in angels is derived from them believing in a certain religion. People like knowing that between all the bad there is a certain good that will be their ‘saviour’. In this incident, angels are their choice. Also, the thoughts of angels being real is derived from endless movies of angels and demons, good and bad, evil vs good, etc.(this is for the bat-shit crazy people) – which goes back to the idea of people liking to know that there is some good that’s fighting against the bad.

    On a more personal note, I agree with the idea but fuck it, if they want to believe that angels exist, let it be, as long as they don’t come at you with it. What’s the deal? It’s their idea of false ‘hope’, leave it be.

  2. I love any post that includes the phrase ‘what are you, fucking stupid?’ so thumbs up on that part alone. Angels and miracles… put both of them in one hand and 12 bucks in the other and see which one gets you a cup of coffee?

    Besides, my guardian angel tells me you’re full of shit, so knock it off already. 🙂

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