My Anger

Anger implies that you have a stake in the outcome. It implies that you care.

I don’t.

There’s a heightened, intensified, theatrical anger that you need to convey some thoughts. I am not personally an angry man, I’m not personally angry about certain things. They’re wonderful, in fact, because I root against the Human Species. I came to a realization, and this freed and transformed me, that I really do not care about the outcomes that are going to occur on this planet. I don’t care what will happen to this species that was given great gifts and has great potential but squandered them.

It squandered them. Instead, this species is always showing poor ways of organizing itself (socially and politically). It made a wrong turn when it came to buying the hocus pocus that the spiritual leaders gave. We turned it over to the priests and the traders. Commerce and Religion ruined and spoiled the potential of this species. In my country, these things are true.

In reality, I just don’t care what happens to this country. I just don’t give a flying fuck. The only anger that I recognize in me is a reflection of disappointment, disillusionment, and being let down by my species.

We had such great possibilities and they’re not being realized. They talk about poets and philosophers. How much influence do they have? None. There are more people making poems than there are who are reading poems. Imagine that. Well, I guess that’s true. I know what it feels.

I think that’s my anger. It’s a frustration. It’s a let down.

2 Cents.


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