On being sick.

Did you ever start to belch and you almost puked? It’s like a medical emergency! Turns out it was a belch but puke was involved! That was a semi-puke related belch incident.

Awful feeling, don’t you think? Not just the taste, which is bad enough, but the whole idea. Just the idea of the thing really bothers me. I don’t know if I’m almost sick or not. Perhaps I shouldn’t go out under this kind of circumstance. You wouldn’t want to get out and get sick on some stranger. Better stay home and get sick on the people you love.

Nobody likes to get sick. If being sick is fun, I’d be sick all the time. I’d tell people to come over my house and get sick. You’ll never hear that because, of course, being sick is no fun. Fortunately, for us, we don’t get sick right away. You know… All of a sudden. Doesn’t happen out of the blue. You do not walk on the street and suddenly you puck your intestines. Doesn’t happen like that.

Usually when you get sick, there’s a period of time where you don’t feel good (LOL). That does come first doesn’t it (Way to go, Captain Obvious!)? That stage when you’re not feeling good. You’re not “sick” yet but you do not feel right. If feel like you could get sick… If you really wanna. But you don’t wanna, and you hope you don’t.

Check yourself after about half and you know what you’ll be saying?

You wish you could get sick and get it over with. Finally you just want to get it over with, don’t you? Because almost being sick is worse than actually being sick. After all, once you’re sick… Shit, you’re sick now. Everything’s different once you get sick. People treat you nice once they know that you’re sick. Others… Well, when you’re sick you’re just a pain in the ass.

Hey, most places have a different attitude when someone’s sick. In the city it’s different. Most places have a sanitary code. In other countries, if you spit on the road you have to pay the price while vomiting is free! How did they arrive at that price schedule? Wouldn’t it seem to you that the bigger the mess, the bigger the fine?

Being sick doesn’t even sound very good. I mean that the sound of the word is bad enough. SICK. I’M SICK. When you’re in a crowd and you yell “Excuse me I’m sick!”, cripples might even get out of the way faster than normal people. You can be out of an arena in ten seconds with one good and loud “Excuse me I’m sick!”. They’ll clear a path to your home!


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