Sexy time! O wait…

Sometime ago me and my friend (A girl who is a couple of years older) were making out in my house. She’s into it! She’s like humping me! So I start putting my hand up on her shirt and she stops me. I was like “Hmm, okay”, so we’re making out more. I start putting my hand on her ass and, again, she stops me. So after a while she went home.

Nothing happened.

The next day I saw her in a club and she goes like “Hey, what happened last night?”.

I was like “What?”

She goes “How come we didn’t have sex?”

I answered “Because you don’t want to”

She’s like “Yes I do. I’m really into it!”

I asked “Well why do you keep stopping me?”

She goes “Because I want you to just go for it!”

So I said “What does that mean?!”

She says “I’m kinda weird! I get turned on when a guy just gets frustrated and just holds me down and fucks me! Like that’s a big turn-on for me!”

I was like “Well you should’ve told me! I should’ve done that for you!”

And she says “No! It has to feel real and dangerous!”

I fired “Like what are you, out of your fucking mind?! You think I’m just going to rape you and I’ll hope that you’re into that shit?!”





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