McDonald’s and minimum wage

I’d like to officially tell this to the folks at McDonald’s:

You know what? You don’t have to advertise as much as you do. Okay, we get it. You are the folks who sell hamburgers. Thank you very much. We understand completely. There’s no need for the incessant 24-hour commercials, radio ads, etc. It’s just insane.

I don’t even know why they do that. It’s not like when I wake up in the morning and I do not see an ad from McDonald’s I get confused. I’m not sitting there going “Hey, did McDonald’s went out of business? Where are the commercials?”. They do not have to do it.

How about they stop for like one day every four months? That’s it. Their sales aren’t going to go down, they’ll save millions and maybe they could put that money back to the system and pay their minimum wage help an extra buck an hour, how about that? Spread the wealth.

That way, the next time I go to McDonald’s, I don’t have to deal with some understandably pissed off 19-year old kid who is making right around (converted) two dollars and ten cents an hour to stand over a 900-degree fryolator all day and going “Can somebody explain to me again why I shouldn’t be selling drugs?”.

And the phrase “Minimum wage”… Can we think of something else to call it? It ruins your self-esteem. Minimum wage. Isn’t there something else we can call it? Well, it’s better than “Nothing wage”. How about the “Well-at-least-I-do-not-live-in-Haiti wage”? You can’t say minimum wage to people when they are asking you questions.

“Hey! How’s it going? What are you making now?”

“Uh… Minimum wage. Yeah. Lowest amount legally possible. That’s where I am right now. O, they’d like to pay me less! Yeah! They would, though they can’t! Legally, they can’t. I win! I’m the winner!”


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