My visual interpretation of George Michael’s Careless Whisper


9″x12″, Charcoal on paper.


Trying out Chiaroscuro, Part Deux

My version of a Neverwinter Nights I Drow Archer. Oil & Watercolor. 9′ x 12′.

It’s also on Mannerism. See the stylized pose & the elongated neck? Yep, that’s Mannerism alright.

Here’s Mannerism, courtesy of Wikipedia

The Cerulean Blue & Yellow thing? My bestfriend suggest the colors. Aaaaand because of that she became less intimidating. LOL. My favourite part here is her gauntlet. Very Mannerism! Oh, I also like the Scarlet quiver. The color’s so sexy. LMAO.

A pencil sketch infused with a lot of past memories.

I portrait sketched a past friend of mine, Morenae Meneses, last week for my school activity. Here’s the sketch

It has flaws but I think it’s good enough to be submitted as a plate. LOL.

4th of July 2012

So I was rummaging on my sketch pads a while ago looking for my lost works when I bumped into this


An ancient sketch of Morenae! LOL. I also did this but this was made a long, long time ago… When I still sane. The sentimental value of this sketch for me is unfathomable.


Cheers to Ms. Morenae for… I don’t know, being so lovable? 😉